Family Chocolate Extravaganza



Join us on Saturday 25th January for a Chocolate Extravaganza for the whole family!

We will be hosting 4 x one hour sessions for adults and children in the Peter Thompson Hall in Castlerock – with a fabulous range of fun chocolatey activities.

On arrival all participants will be greeted by our chocolatier and given an insight into where chocolate comes from and the journey the humble cocoa bean goes on to be transformed into our favourite treat!

Then we’ll split our adults and children into groups to allow them to enjoy some hands on chocolate themed fun!

For the kids they will be able to choose 2 of the following three activities:

  • Making Chocolate Slime
  • Painting with Chocolate
  • Make your own creations with Chocolate Playdough

And then they will also get to make their very own personalised chocolate bar!

While the kids are being entertained, the adults will be given the chance to create their very own chocolate creations, and then will be taken on a journey through our top 5 chocolates in a mini chocolate tasting.  And adults…you don’t have to have kids with you to be able to join us.

Children must have an adult in the venue with them during the event – all activities will take place in the same hall so the children can participate in their activities, while the adults enjoy theirs.

We are hosting this event as a fundraiser for our crowdfunding campaign, that we hope will enable us to establish Northern Ireland’s very first Chocolate Visitor Experience in a soon to be revealed location on the North Coast!

We have a range of ticket options. Please ensure you select your session (10.30, 12.30, 2.30, 4.30) from the options below AND your ticket type. We have tickets for:

  • Single Ticket: £15.00
  • Double Ticket: £30.00
  • Family Ticket for 3: £40.00
  • Family Ticket for 4: £50.00
  • Family Ticket for 5: £65.00

If you wish to purchase more than 5 tickets please select the Family Ticket for 5 and add to basket, and then select the additional number from the list and add to basket.


As a reward for all their hard work we’re offering pupils who are getting their AQE or GL results on 25th January a FREE ticket for the event! In order to qualify for this you must be purchasing at least one ticket for an adult or another child to accompany the AQE / GL pupil to the event. Please add both tickets to the basket and then use the code AQEGL at checkout – this will discount your total by £15.

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