The Choccy Rocky Kids Birthday Experiences

Kids – make chocolate dreams come true with our Choccy Rocky Kids Birthday Experience! Yes, you will be spending your birthday party with your friends in an actual chocolate shop, making chocolate creations based on your birthday party theme – the options are endless!

We will agree your birthday theme with you in advance and design the range of personalised chocolate creations you will make on the day. You will make three chocolate creations, which could include a lollipop, a chocolate pizza slice and a bar designed with the birthday theme**. While your creations set, we share the mysterious story of where chocolate comes from and touch, see and smell real cocoa beans and a cocoa pod from Africa.

There is a special certificate welcoming you to the Choccy Rockies, along with all the chocolate goodies you have made! Good news for grown-ups too – the certificate entitles them to 10% off purchases in the Chocolate Shop, so maybe they’ll get something delicious too?!

Party food is not included with birthday experiences. The chocolate making activities take about 60 minutes, and we allow an extra 30 minutes for cutting your cake and enjoying the party snacks you have brought from home, before packing up all the creations to take away with you.

The Choccy Rocky Kids Experience costs £170, for up to 8 children attending. Additional guests cost £18pp.  We also offer the Mini Chocolatier Experience which is suited to smaller groups of children aged 7 and above. Click here for more info.

**Please ensure you provide us with allergen information for all those attending to ensure we tailor your creations to suit allergies

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