Corporate Chocolate Experiences

Chocolate Dripping from tray

Treat your team to a day away in one of the North Coast’s most picturesque villages, exploring the wonderful world of chocolate, taking time to build stronger team relationships whilst handcrafting some delectable treats, and learning how to enjoy chocolate even more than they do now!

Ideally located just a minute’s walk from Castlerock train station, an away day on the North Coast is easy to access from across the province. We can work with your events planner to develop a tailored experience which can include making truffles, handcrafted chocolates, and tasting and pairing with local artisan products, as well as branded corporate chocolate creations.

We can include a lunch provided by one of the fantastic local cafes, and can make rewarding and enthusing your team a wholly enjoyable experience for everyone.

Contact us to explore your very own luxury private Corporate Chocolate Experience.